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Join the Human Hound Healing family, here for you & your dogs!

  Why join the Support Hub?

A safe community with members who understand without judgement.

You can't get your head straight & need to talk things through, human or hound. I'm here for you & able to listen. 

You matter, let's work on you too so that you can be the best you can for your dog & keep your emotional bucket full.

Living with your dog & trying to teach & communicate with them is overwhelming. I'll make it simple for you.

You're feeling anxious & confused about family dynamics now your dog has arrived. We can talk it through.

  • All courses below are included for free.
  • Courses are all self paced and easy to follow.
  • Take what you need from each course and tailor a plan for your dog.
  • Your input is important, if you want a topic added then I will write it for you and include it in the hub.
  • Private community area for members where you can post to share your wins or worries.
  • You have priority to discounted one2ones with Janeen personally on zoom or at your home. 
  • A one2one add on will help you to set a plan for your dog or can give you emotional support when you feel you need it.
  • No minimum subscription or set contract, so try it and see if it works for you.
  • Video assessments are included for free on WhatsApp.
  • I hold a Holistic Canine Behaviour Accredited Diploma, & also a certified mental health first aider and there for you too.
  • When new courses are added you are automatically enrolled.
  • It really is only £17.00 per month! 

Janeen Warman

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Abbie Clack

Support Hub

I absolutely love the hub. Such a great experience, easy to follow and easy with my time management! This is so worth the money and worth the time. Janeen is always available to me if i need to ask questions etc and the courses are really easy to follow.

3 months ago