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Soraya Hatami

Janeen saved my dog’s life

My dog Bubba had two operations back to back when he was 8 months old: Firstly he had a grass seed embedded next to his penis which got infected and caused him terrible pain. Then just one month later, his pancreas burst. It was such bad luck. Prior to that he was a lovely, friendly, sweet pup. His only existing issue was that he had crippling separation anxiety, as I got him during lockdown. After the trauma of spending many nights in hospital, so much pain, and so many injections, scans, sedations, medications etc… his character started to change. He became very anxious. He bit strangers if they tried to stroke him. He didn’t like any sudden bursts of energy, especially children. He barked at everyone in the street. He refused to be groomed (before these incidents, the groomer actually brought a member of staff into the grooming room to show them how incredible he was…but then it dramatically changed). He started to become terribly food adverse and refused to eat, which meant I couldn’t medicate him… without his medication his pancreas would not recover, so I started to become anxious, stressed, scared on walks of him biting strangers and children. He then started to refuse to walk. Everything became so stressful and I was loosing my patience. I had complaints from neighbours about his excessive barking. It was all getting too much and I couldn’t cope, as nothing to do with Bubba was easy. I couldn’t brush him, I couldn’t wash him, I couldn’t trim his eye hair. I couldn’t leave him. He started to snap at me if I tried to touch him without his permission, and on two occasions he bit me badly. I started to use a muzzle for anything I had to do to him… the groomer wouldn’t touch him without a muzzle & the vet wouldn’t touch him without the muzzle. Then one day he snapped at me when I tried to muzzle him. He literally wouldn’t let me put it on. I kept trying and he ran away. I needed to take him to the vet that morning, so I took him unmuzzled. The vet tried to put it on and he lurched at her aggressively and tried to bite her. She said he would need to be put to sleep if this behaviour continued. I called the groomer and she gave me Janeen’s number as she had mentioned her before. I was so scared as I didn’t want to face it. I was exhausted, I was so anxious, I couldn’t face having to spend loads more money on training when already the operations had cost so much, and I was totally burnt out. Anyway Janeen came, and from the first session I felt instantly better. Just having someone to talk to about it helped! We took Bubba for a walk and I learned SO much, just on a 5 minute trip around the block!! I had to loose all my built-up anxiety, as over the months I had become so frustrated and short tempered. Slowly each week Janeen taught me training games and techniques to calm Bubba and myself. She showed me how to put the muzzle on him… it was so upsetting though, as he would happily let Janeen do it, but when I tried he still wouldn’t let me. He could sense my fear and we had lost trust in each other. It got me down, but I persevered with the lessons which were helping me to gain confidence slowly, even though after 8 weeks I was still no closer to muzzling him. Then one Saturday Bubba was very sick. He was bleeding from his bottom and vomiting blood. I had to rush him to the emergency vet. I called Janeen on a Saturday night at 8pm to help me muzzle him, and she drove straight over. She tried to muzzle him, but he lurched and snapped at her. He wouldn’t let her do it! I was beyond scared at this point as he needed to been seen at the hospital, but he had to be muzzled else he would certainly bite the vet. I don’t know what happened but something in me snapped. I scooped bubba up with such determination because I had no choice. I looked him in the eye with such intent, and with absolute assertiveness, I simply put the muzzle on him. I cannot tell you the relief!! I finally did it!! Since then things have been amazing. He has never tried to bite me since. He trusts me and I trust him. I muzzle him easily, he doesn’t even flinch. I know he will always need a muzzle, but now at the groomers he doesn’t resist the scissors or the clippers. He even lets me bath him at home and trim his eyes un-muzzled. The last vet visit for his blood tests and scans was easy, he didn’t flinch at the needles. I’m not anxious at all anymore. He walks now with no issues. I keep him away from children as a precaution. I don’t let people touch him. I walk him when it’s quiet. I’ve had to adjust, but this is how to manage a complex dog, rather than forcing him into uncomfortable situations, where he feels unsafe, and therefore looses trust in me. We have an incredible bond and I love him more than ever. Thank you Janeen for helping me understand him and accept him, which automatically means I’ve lost so much anxiety, as I was trying to force him to be a dog that he simply isn’t, and that was making me frustrated. This has helped my energy so much, and now he’s not feeding off my anxiety which made all his issues worse. So much was triggering him, and he had no proper protection or trust from his Mum because I wasn’t reading the signs. It’s all about connection and energy, and I finally understand how that energy should feel inside me. Once you feel it, you get it… then everything is easy. Janeen taught me this. She truly saved us xxxx

6 months ago
Abbie Clack

Support Hub

I absolutely love the hub. Such a great experience, easy to follow and easy with my time management! This is so worth the money and worth the time. Janeen is always available to me if i need to ask questions etc and the courses are really easy to follow.

11 months ago