Don't struggle alone - I'm here to support you

I am Janeen Warman coach & founder of Human Hound Healing.
I have always lived alongside sight hounds & lurchers, & I have rehabilitated many street dogs. I currently live on the West Sussex Coast with my amazing adult children, two cheeky whippets & a soppy Romanian rescue.

Not only do I hold an accredited diploma in Holistic Canine Behaviour as well as many other CPD Certificates, I am also trauma informed & a well being mentor for humans, it's my passion to help you both succeed.
I specialise in overcoming trauma & coping with anxiety. I teach you to teach your dog & help you understand what they are trying to tell you, I also help dogs understand you!
I love people as much as I love dogs. As your family therapist & coach l'll help you both to gain confidence & an awareness of each other's needs.
Above all we will build a bond of trust & a harmonious relationship for you & your dog.

I absolutely love the hub. Such a great experience, easy to follow and easy with my time management! This is so worth the money and worth the time.  Janeen is always available to me if i need to ask questions etc and the courses are really easy to follow.
- Abbie Clack

"It may take time to make changes, I feel it's important to make that affordable for everyone. I believe in inclusivity for all clients who have neurodiversity, CPTSD & those that are recovering from trauma, depression or feeling anxious. If you have a disability I will ensure that activities are adjusted for you, so that you can enjoy teaching your dog fun things"

"Beneath every behavior there is a feeling. And beneath every feeling there is a need. And when we meet that need rather
than focus on the behavior, we begin to deal with the cause, not the symptom". — Ashleigh Warner



Think about your home for a moment, this is your safe space, it's familiar and you are used to all the noises and creaks. You know it so well that it's pretty much your sanctuary. Now imagine someone ties your wrist to theirs, goes to the front door and begins running with you.
You're asking them where you are going, but they refuse to address your questions and insist you go with them. Actually you have no choice because you're attached to another person.  Suddenly you’re in the middle of a field, you don’t recognise it and you’re unsure of how you got there. You had tried taking in information, and wanted to take note of landmarks along the way. But you were moving too fast, your senses were overloaded and you felt overwhelmed by loud smelly machines. These machines seemed so close, they were all different sizes, the big ones clanged loudly and crikey they were so close. There were so many people, big metal poles, plastic containers that gave out strong inviting smells.  

Still you didn’t stop, sometimes you were pulled, other times you did the pulling, you felt an urgency to get to a space that felt familiar or at least open and less overwhelming.  

As humans we learn from an early age through conditioning that the pavement for example will keep us safe, and the kerb is a magical barrier between us and traffic, our dogs do not know this phenomena. With grid walking we can teach them to feel more confident about the vehicles speeding around them. We can teach them that bin bags don't chase or bite, not all humans hurt them and in general we will replace negative experiences with safe positive ones.

In my years of teaching dogs I have had a few that said a big fat NOPE! to the outside world, I listened to their fears and wrote this course for them and all the other dogs that felt unsure.... cont

This Is The Concept Of Grid Walking Therapy

(Holistic meaning: approaching problems as a whole mentally & physically & working with all agencies, including vets to achieve the best outcome)
Indoor consultation room available if you would prefer to travel to me.