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I am Janeen Warman canine coach & founder of Human Hound Healing, Not only do I hold an accredited diploma in Holistic Canine Behaviour as well as many other CPD Certificates. I am trauma informed & also a well being mentor for humans, it's my passion to help you succeed.
I love people as much as I love dogs, this means my mission is to help you as much as them!
Use me as the mediator in your relationship & let me help you both to gain confidence, an awareness of each other's needs & above all build a bond of trust. 

It takes time to make long term changes, I feel it's important to make that affordable for everyone.

Taking an inclusive approach I am understanding towards clients who have neurodiversity, PTSD, are recovering from trauma or feeling anxious.

I absolutely love the hub. Such a great experience, easy to follow and easy with my time management! This is so worth the money and worth the time.  Janeen is always available to me if i need to ask questions etc and the courses are really easy to follow.
- Abbie Clack


XL Bullies being banned

There is no denying that they are powerful, but so are Malinois, GSDs, Dobermans & many other breeds. I've met some Cockerpoos that would happily take you out for sitting in the wrong seat. Of course breed disposition needs to be taken into account & there are unregistered breeders making money that don't care about temperament, they just create what sells.
The problem however is the trend not the dog! Percentages for attacks are high for these dogs because there are total twunts out there that have increased the number by making them popular. They have also more than likely used aversive training & have powerful dogs that are more likely to push back when they go over threshold or feel scared.
Make their humans take the sentence for their dog, GBH, harrasment, manslaughter or murder. Otherwise these people will just move on to another breed that isn't banned.

This brings me to all of the responsible guardians out there with huge slobbering softies. Like lurchers, XL bullies are a cross & a type rather than a specific breed, so you must be terrified of what's coming at the end of this year. You are going to need to prove that your dog is not a threat to society & also have them muzzled in public. Time is of the essence so I have added the Blue Cross training video here, giving you the chance to teach your dog that muzzles are not scary. I would also desensitise them to a broom handle or pole so if they are seized in a rough manner they will not be afraid of a catch pole. It is also vital they are crate trained  so that they are not scared of cages. We need to do everything we can to help them cooperate peacefully & prove to any court that they are not a threat.

(Holistic meaning: approaching problems as a whole mentally & physically & working with all agencies, including vets to achieve the best outcome)
Indoor consultation room available if you would prefer to travel to me.