Human Hound Healing 
is not just about dog training,
it is also about coaching & supporting you both using a holistic combined therapy approach to build your relationship. 
All courses are self paced for you to do in your own time.
If you join the Coaching & Support Hub:
Courses are included for free.
It would take 2 to 3 years for me to give you all this content in one2ones alone!
You have access to discounted zoom one2ones with me personally.
Video assessments and chat support throughout your membership.

No minimum subscription or set contract, so try it and see if it works for you.

Not a member? No Problem?
Affordable One2ones are available on zoom or even at your home if you are very local.
Courses are available to buy on their own if you want to add to your toolkit.

Indoor consultation room available if you would prefer to travel to me.

(Holistic meaning: approaching problems as a whole mentally & physically & working with all agencies, including vets to achieve the best outcome)

You can join
The Coaching & Support Group at anytime.

As a well as canine coach I am also a well being mentor for humans,
I understand making contact with a call can be overwhelming.
This is why you are able to sign up for the coaching group without having to ask first, go ahead & jump straight in to explore the courses & resources!
Say as much or as little as you like on the community page.
You can fill in the 'tell me about your dog form' below to give me some background on what you'd like to work on.

Distance no object with remote consultations & self-paced learning!