Grid Walking Therapy

A framework to helping you & your dog feel calm, by breaking walks into manageable sections, anxiety & stress is reduced for you both.

Course Summary

Dog training can be really overwhelming, especially when you go for a walk. Grid Walking Therapy is a method that involves breaking each step of your walk into manageable grids. In essence, you work in each grid applying training methods for reactivity, and also, applying Emotive Energy Balancing, energy dropping techniques. This will help you become the best advocate for your dog that you can be. It is scientifically possible to use your energy to reassure and guide your dog in the outside world, especially when you couple it with science based behaviour shaping and training techniques.

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  • What will you gain from the course?
  • An understanding of why Grid Walking is so vital for you & your dog.
  • How to create calm.
  • A dog that feels confident & less anxious.
  • You yourself will feel more confident.
  • The knowledge on how to help your dog feel confident in new spaces.
  • A calmer happier dog.
  • A stronger bond & easier relationship between you & your dog.
  • The building of trust between you & your dog.
  • Less reactivity from your dog.
  • A dog that is happy to learn new things.

Janeen Warman

Course Pricing

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    Grid Walking and Training Therapy Framework
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    Helping you and your dog feel calm in the world - Breaking down walks into manageable sections, in turn building confidence.

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