Grid Walk & Bond Therapy

Canine CBT Through Urban Roaming.

Course Summary

As humans we learn from an early age through conditioning that the pavement will keep us safe and the kerb is a magical barrier between us and traffic, our dogs do not know this phenomena with grid walking we can teach them to feel more confident about the vehicles speeding around them.
We can teach them that bin bags don't chase or bite, not all humans hurt them and in general we will replace negative experiences with safe positive ones.
In my years of teaching dogs I have had a few that said a big NOPE! to the outside world, I listened to their fears and wrote this course for them and all the other dogs that felt unsure.
Grid Walking is for everyone.
Do you want a well socialised confident puppy? Do you want to give your adopted dog a more positive calm experience of the world?
Would you like to have a trusting bond with your dog, and walk together confidently and calmly?
Is your dog pulling on the lead? Not listening to you when you try to connect? Reacting to traffic or other dogs?
Dog guardianship can be really overwhelming, especially when you go for a walk.
Would you like to feel less stressed or anxious?
Grid Walking Therapy is a method that involves breaking each step of your walk into manageable grids.  
Both you and your dog will work together achieving calm, before moving from grid to grid.
In turn your dog will become happier at home and be more responsive to your guidance and reassurance.
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  • What will you gain from the course?
  • How to create calm.
  • How Grid Walking relates to CBT (Cognitive behaviour therapy)
  • An understanding of why Grid Walking is so vital for you & your dog.
  • A well socialised, happy puppy.
  • A rescue dog that is open to progress.
  • A dog that feels safe with you.
  • A dog that feels confident & less anxious.
  • Just as importantly, you yourself will feel more confident.
  • The knowledge on how to help your dog feel confident in new spaces.
  • A stronger bond & easier relationship between you & your dog.
  • Less reactivity from your dog.
  • A dog that is happy to learn new things.
  • By feeling happier on walks, your dog will feel calmer at home.

Janeen Warman

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Grid Walking and Training Therapy Framework


  • Helping you and your dog feel calm in the world - Breaking down walks into manageable sections, in turn building confidence.

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Abbie Clack

Grid Walking

This has massively helped my dogs confidence when walking along with myself. I would highly recommend this course and Janeen herself to anyone with dogs especially with nervous dogs!!

10 months ago