Just Me & My Dog

Why We Choose Dogs Over People

Just Me & My Dog is very much focused on your end of the lead, helping you to feel empowered in your own right, as well as being a strong advocate for your dog.

This course is for everyone, even if you have not suffered trauma in any way yourself, you may have people close to you that need support. I hope to equip you to navigate the world of human relationships & teach you to recognise the tricks people play.

Every unit is bite size! The course is designed for different learning styles & abilities.
You can press the audio & Listen or you can read the text. There are links/videos throughout that you only need to follow if you think it will be of interest.

Course Summary

What happened to people to get them to the point of minimising human interaction?

We often make jokes about 'cat ladies' women of a certain age that have become reclusive & only want to live with their animals, it's likely that they would have been the first ones tied to a stake a few hundred years ago, due to their free thinking & independence.
When in reality they had just had enough of everyone's shit & decided to hang out with their dog!
It is not just women but also men who can be affected, my other main concern is that young adults & teenagers are not given the education they need to dodge the toxic & embrace the healthy.

I realised I was working both ends of your dog's lead in a covert way, yet I subtly teach so many people about covert manipulation. I also improved the relationship between people & their dogs covertly.
So I made the decision to do it openly & began writing Just Me & My Dog, I do this with the vast amount of tools I have collected for myself over decades of recovery & research, while I was hanging out with my dogs!

Often a tool is a simple sentence that sticks in our minds & gives us the catalyst we need to believe in ourselves enough to say no thank you to the wrong people and come on in to the right people.

By working on our own trauma and well being,  we are then in the best position we can be to help our dogs overcome their hurdles without projecting.

In this course I have opened the door to my extensive tool shed, I invite everyone to look behind the curtain of the taboo & find out about the secrets manipulators do not want you to know, but your dog does!

What's behind the curtain?

  • Types of abuse.
  • Why & who does it happen too.
  • Why do we let it go sometimes.
  • Why do we choose dogs over people.
  • Navigating friendships and work relationships.
  • Dating safely.
  • Building resilience.
  • Sign posts to agencies that can help.
  • The importance of self validating.
  • Over 70 succinct units full of tools that you can safely apply, or simply take on board.

Janeen Warman

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  • Just Me & My Dog
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    How to trust good humans too.

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Abbie Clack

Just me and my dog

This has made me so much more confident with looking for red flags in people and how energy can affect me and my dog as well as our relationship. This course has brought so much confidence in mine and my dogs relationship and this has meant we are closer than ever

3 months ago