Avoiding Separation Anxiety & Attachment Problems

Teaching your dog that it is ok to be confident & happy, when the humans are busy.

Course Summary

 We do all we can to help our dogs feel secure, but there are times they need to be alone or you are unable to interact. This course gives you all the tools to help your dog feel more secure. Teaching them that if they relax we will not forget all about them & they can be confident we will always come back.

In this course you will, learn how to work from home, learn how to 'mat train' giving your dog a safe spot to chill, get to finally go out on a date night or even just go shopping. AND get to go to the bathroom by yourself! There is also the pros & cons of crate/den training & how to do it. But more importantly tools to build a trusting relationship that helps your dog feel confident & safe.

Janeen Warman

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  • Avoiding Separation Anxiety & Attachment Problems
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    Helping your dog to feel more confident.

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